Best Air Impact Wrench Suits for All Projects [Updated Reviews]

best air impact wrench

People worldwide try to find the best air impact wrench to complete their tasks easier and faster than ever before. 

These tools are powerful and can connect directly to your air compressor unit to provide higher torque for all your drilling and screwing projects.

We shall examine the most impactful features all the new air impact wrenches should have to be considered a successful purchase. You can find plenty of models on the market that are not suitable for the type of job you need them to do. Let’s check which are an air impact wrench common uses:

Common Uses of an Impact Wrench

A top impact wrench has the following uses:

  • Buildings Construction

People being employed in buildings construction use the best air impact wrench models to assure acute pressure for their bolts and knots. They are especially useful when constructing metal buildings where the steel columns’ bolts need to be set tight.

  • Small House Renovation Projects

When renovating your house, you may need to have enough torque to get things together. The best air impact wrench can give you the right power to assemble things and make them stay there for a long time.

  • Tire and Car Body Repair Shops

Since tires need wheels, unscrewing the bolts from a car wheel would be as crucial for your safety as wearing your seat belt. A good air impact wrench can help the body repair and tire shops to place the wheels back in the car safely. 

They can also help them put the various body parts together using special bolts for the occasion.

Comparison Table Of Air Impact Wrench – By Proproductspot:

Air impact wrench Brand Item Torque Free Speed Item Weight Our Rating Price On Amazon
Ingersoll Rand 930 Foot Pounds 90 psi 4.6 pounds 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
Ingersoll Rand 600 Foot Pounds 8,000 rpm 5.8 pounds 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
Sunex Tools 500 Foot Pounds 3 Speed Control 3.2 Pounds 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
Chicago Pneumatic 425 ft./lbs 8400 RPM 5.7 Pounds 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
AirCat 1300 Foot Pounds 8,500RPM 4.9 Pounds 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
TZTOOL Forward: 3-speed , Reverse: 1-speed 4.7 Pounds 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Campbell Hausfeld 550 Foot Pounds 8000 RPM 8 Ounces 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
Ingersoll Rand 625-foot–pounds 10,000 rpm 6 Pounds 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
Ingersoll-Rand 1,100 feet per pound 5,000 RPM 12.4 Pounds 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
Chicago Pneumatic 1,200 ft. lbs. 6300 RPM less than 12 lbs 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

Features to Look When Buying a New Air Impact Wrench

These are the basic features for the best air impact wrench:

  • Motor

The newest motors are the brushless ones. These can deliver the right power to your bolts without making you stop every once a while due to the overheating phenomenon. All the best air impact wrench models have motors that last for a long time and come with a specific guarantee covering a lifetime.

  • Torque

The bigger, the better is the right wording for torque. Modern air impact wrenches have enough torque (usually more than 200 foot-pounds) to ensure a proper bolt and screw application anywhere. 

Users of the best air impact wrench models can assure that the higher the torque measurement, the easier their job.

  • RPM Measure

RPM means rounds per minute, and it’s a basic measurement for the best air impact wrench you may find. It has to do with the hammer’s rotational power that gives all its kinetic energy to the screws and bolts. 

A good air impact wrench that will last longer would require a 3000 RPM measurement to consider capable of the most demanding tasks.

  • Impact Number

That is a delicate number showing an approximation of the total impacts the best air impact wrench can deliver over a minute. This number is important to know when buying a new wrench to ensure that a higher one can give you better results in less time and effort.

  • Drive

Here is another crucial measurement for any air impact wrench. The drive has to do with the bolts and screws size; the device can get measured in inches. One of the most usual sizes would be the 3/8 inches drive; however, we have seen many 1/2-inch and 1/4-inch best air impact wrench models being on the market to serve different customer needs.

  • Size

Either corded or cordless, the impact wrench is a delicate tool that would need to be as compact as possible to carry it anywhere. The existence of a hard-top bag would be an extremely important asset when buying it to ensure its integrity no matter the accidental impacts it may receive.

  • Weight

You need to get the best air impact wrench that is both manageable and lightweight. The ideal wrench weighs less than six pounds to allow you to work overhead for a long time without hurting your wrist and hand muscles.

  • Safety Precautions

These are important to safeguard your health and integrity when working with your best air impact wrench. These precautions have to do with overheating, cooling, static-electricity protection, and the sudden stop button to ensure zero accidental impacts over your hands if you lose control of the tool.

  • Battery Type

Most modern air impact wrenches are now cordless. That happens to allow you to work remotely and away from the power sources, saving you the longer cord existence that may increase dangers when working. 

The battery has to be light enough and provide you the highest power voltage you may have. The newest Li-Ion batteries are the industry standard for a flawless function that will last for many hours before you need a recharge.

Tips when Buying your New Air Impact Wrench

Here are some useful tips to know before you buy the best air impact wrench you can find online:

  • Connectivity to existing air pumps

Since air impact wrenches use pneumatic power to work, you need to know if they can connect to the existing air compressors you already have. That will save you lots of money from buying new pumping equipment.

  • Get the right tools to deliver proper airflow 

Besides the air compressor unit, you need to ensure to have longer tubes and hoses to adjust the air impact wrench when needed. 

Remember that delivering pneumatic power to your wrench the right way will make it work more efficiently to complete all your projects faster and more successfully. 

Ingersoll has managed to provide a powerful air impact wrench with a standard square shape for all relevant bolts and screws.

It can deliver a massive torque that reaches 930 foot-pounds, one of the highest in its class. The item weighs only 4.6 pounds being easy to handle by most craftsmen. 

Made from quality stainless steel material, it is impossible to rust. It also has some plastic and rubber parts to handle better when holding it in your hands the whole day. 

The batteries are Li-Ion with a 2-year limited guarantee that offers you 8 hours of continuous use before recharging.

As a user, you can access a four-position speed regulator to find the RPMs you need for the specific task. There is also the chance for a reverse rotation to unscrew bolts with the same ease. 

The titanium hammer case is also impressive to give high durability for this item even when working in the highest torque levels.

Our Rating


  • The twin-hammer mechanism gives better reliability
  • You get a drive adjustor from 1/2 to 3/8 of an inch
  • It is a cordless wrench to give you more remote functions
  • There is an ergonomic handle to increase your comfort when working


  • There is no hard case coming with this device

Here is a basic air impact wrench from Ingersoll, the world’s most renowned air tools manufacturer. 

That model has a fixed 1/2-inch drive that you may only use with the same measurement screws and bolts. You will also need a compatible air compressor unit to operate it since it takes all its pneumatic power from it. 

The tool will deliver up to 600 foot-pounds of torque enough for most of the usual uses in the construction and car repair industries. 

Made from stainless steel, the tool is less vulnerable to rust and corrosion. The triggering mechanism is sensitive enough to increase the RPM when working with it gradually. 

There is also a safety button to stop the motor when needed to preserve your health.

You get a brushless motor that will never get overheated, no matter the intensity of your tasks. The automatic oiler is always there to lubricate the hammer when it’s stroking to ensure a proper function at all times. 

Finally, the ergonomic handle design makes it superb to hold it and work overhead for a prolonged period.

Our Rating


  • The maintenance is easier than ever before
  • You may adjust the power regulator to meet your standards
  • It arrives fully lubricated and ready to use for the customers
  • It weighs only 5.8 pounds to give more comfort to your hands


  • There is no limited guarantee coming with this model

Sunex has been a newly founded company to deliver quality tools to its customer at a fraction of their normal price. 

This model is made completely from high-quality plastic material that will never have an issue with weather conditions, rust, or thermal shocks coming from the motor. 

The latter is brushless and makes the less possible noise when working. It weighs only 2.5 pounds being the most lightweight model you will ever find online. 

Users can take advantage of a powerful 500 foot-pounds torque that is enough for any kind of semi-professional task.

There is a three-speed control button to ensure a smooth differentiation between the various speeds. It is a 1/2-inch fixed drive wrench that connects with any kind of air compressors.

Most users can operate it single-handed, giving them increased satisfaction when working. You always have access to the reverse rotation power to unscrew bolts easier than you ever thought.

Our Rating


  • It is one of the most compact-sized models in the market
  • There are no batteries required to deliver pneumatic pressure
  • The tool comes with a 2-year limited guarantee for the motor
  • Air cooling is possible to allow the motor to operate easier


  • There is no trigger safety mechanism to avoid work-related injuries

Chicago Pneumatic has finally managed to present its audience with a powerful air impact wrench that is both stylish and affordable. 

It is made from 100% pure aluminum to ensure a lightweight profile. This model weighs only five pounds being one of the lightest you will find in the market and giving your wrist muscles less aggravation. 

You will need no power to operate this model; that is why it’s cordless. Users can connect it to any pre-existing compressor unit to give them the necessary pneumatic power to operate.

The tool can deliver up to 450 foot-pounds of torque that is more than enough for any screwing task. You have access to a four-speed switch that also has the chance to adjust it to the reverse mode. 

The stroke mechanism has an automatic oiler to lubricate the hammer all the time and give the least possible friction for a better life expectancy. 

The plastic handle is also soft for your hand and gives a better grip to increase users’ safety.

Our Rating


  • It delivers a better torque with less tool mass
  • You can easily repair it since it is made from two separate parts
  • There is a one-handed button for better control
  • The handle exhaust can remove the air surplus to increase stability


  • It comes only in silver color

If you are looking for an affordable and exceptional air impact wrench tool, Nitrocat has the best item. 

It is made from innovative Kevlar material that stays intact against bad weather conditions, thermal shocks, and acids. The air wrench is powerful and can deliver up to 1,300 foot-pounds of pure torque to loosen any bolt you may find in your way. 

It weighs only 4.5 pounds to hold overhead and work using only one hand for multiple hours. The brushless motor works at 8,500 RMP and is less vulnerable to overheating, thanks to the perfect airflow profile.

The square drive can get adjusted from 1/2 to 3/8 of an inch using a simple tool. Users also can use any kind of air pump unit and the adjusting hoses and tubes to operate this tool. 

You will not need to give it extra power from a different socket since it takes all of its pneumatic energy through the compressor. 

The tuned exhaust is also quieter than in other models giving you fewer vibrations and better stability.

Our Rating


  • It is one of the best aesthetically fitted air tools
  • The triggering mechanism is sensitive and gives the right RPMs
  • There is a smooth twin-clutch mechanism for your safety
  • Kevlar housing remains unique among the competition


  • There is no automatic oiler for the hammer

TZTool has been the only air impact wrench manufacturer to give numerous drives starting from 1/4 of an inch and going as far as 3/8 of an inch to cover all different users needs. 

This powerful tool only weighs 4.8 pounds, being more lightweight than its competitors. It is made from quality plastic and metal parts that are durable to impacts and external weather conditions. 

The brushless motor gives a powerful torque coming up to 1,100 foot-pounds, which is potent for any kind of professional use.

You have access to a four-speed switch that included the reverse rotation to unscrew bolts faster than ever before. 

The motor has an automatic oiler to keep the hammer lubricated in all stroking positions. That is also great to avoid any thermal impact that could permanently harm the motor function. 

It is one of the air impact wrenches to comply with all compressor units and give you the chance to work without connecting it to the power network.

Our Rating


  • It gives you an economical choice and adjusts to any type of bolts
  • The item comes in a hard-shell storage case for your ease
  • It has an improved design to make users comfortable
  • You get multiple collections of deep impact sockets to use


  • There is no battery included in the package

Here you have the lightest air impact wrench ever delivered to the world public. 

It is made for 1/2 inch bolts and screws and weighs less than one pound to make it easier for you to hold it for multiple hours.

There is no need to connect it to the power network since it takes all its pneumatic energy from the air compressor. You may also choose the air unit you already have without the need to change any components. 

It is one powerful air impact wrench that operates at a maximum torque of 500 foot-pounds able to deliver great results in any body part and construction business task.

The wrench is made from a combination of metal and plastic parts, resistant to rust and corrosion. Your chances for the brushless motor to have a thermal overload are minimal since the external airflow can make it cool down easier than ever before. 

The handle is carefully made from a high-quality rubber material that increases the grip and gives more chances for the user to stabilize the wrench on its hands.

Our Rating


  • There is a safety trigger button to stop the motor function
  • It is comfortable for any kind of task that requires time
  • The twin hammer impact mechanism gives better results
  • Can deal with any gallon size air pump


  • The tool comes with no hard case

Ingersoll has made its miracle once more, presenting a powerful air impact wrench working with any kind of air compressor unit. 

It weighs only 2.9 pounds having the best lightweight profile in its category. The twin hammer mechanism gives you a better impact per minute rate compared to the other competitors. 

You also have access to an automatic oiler that provides a constant lubrication bath to avoid overheating. The airflow comes through the brushless motor making it easier to work in high torque and RPM for a longer period of time.

As a user, you can access a sensitive trigger mechanism that can adjust to three different speeds and one reverse speed for unscrewing bolts. 

The wrench is made specifically for 1/2 inch drive bolts that are the most used across the world. You do not need an electric cord since the wrench takes all its energy from the air pump.

This tool is perfect for faster pit stops and is used in racing for many years now.

Our Rating


  • The brushless motor is better to set for tire changes
  • Stainless steel and plastic body give it better durability
  • It comes with a one-year limited guarantee
  • You may find spare parts easier than in other models


  • There is no soft rubber handle to allow sweat absorbance


This air impact wrench model remains the best value-for-money item they can buy for their stores for all professional users.

Ingersoll has managed to incorporate aluminum and plastic parts to create a powerful air impact wrench that can use the famous 3/4 inch drive bolts and help you place them wherever you need. 

It weighs less than 13 pounds and is easy to handle even with one hand. The triggering mechanism is soft to touch and extremely sensitive to pressure. 

You have access to a four-speed switch that can give you a reverse rotational option.

There is also a pressure feed lube system to keep the hammer lubricated when operating. It can provide a stable torque of up to 900 foot-pounds and serve on any professional tasks. 

Its brushless motor is less vulnerable to heat and pressure and comes with a 2-year limited guarantee

You may combine it with any pre-existing air-pressure unit that can give a stable pneumatic power to serve your goals.

Our Rating


  • The patented hammer impact mechanism can withstand pressure
  • You have an air exhaust to divert pressurized air surplus away
  • The aluminum parts cannot rust or corrode
  • Its maintenance is easier and simpler than in other models


  • The tool is vulnerable to rainwater


Finally, Chicago Pneumatic has managed to provide an affordable air impact wrench for its loyal customers. 

This model is suitable for 3/4 inch drive screws and bolts widely used in the construction and car body parts industry. It weighs less than 13 pounds and is light enough for you to carry wherever you may go. 

You have access to a separate hard-shell case that protects this tool from accidental impacts. It has a hex base for bolts and screws being ideal for tire stores that constantly need to change wheels to their customers’ cars. 

You will need no electric power source to operate it since it takes its power from the air compressor unit you already have.

It can cooperate well with any kind of air pump. The hammer mechanism is constantly soaked in lubricating oil to preserve its life expectancy to the maximum levels. 

You have access to a trigger mechanism that is extremely sensitive and can gradually increase the brushless motor RPM according to the task needs.

Our Rating


  • It has a comfortable soft rubber handle to serve all users’ needs
  • The exhaust pump takes air away from the operator
  • The twin hammer mechanism makes it robust even during heavy-duty tasks
  • It can feature up to 1,200 foot-pounds of torque


  • There is no guarantee scheme coming with this tool


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