Best Garage Refrigerator I Top 8 Picks & Reviews I 2021 Update

best garage refrigerator

Everyone would like to have the best garage refrigerator and keep beers and beverages cold. That kind of refrigerators are common in the United States and usually work supplementary to other fridges and freezers present in many family houses.

Today we are going to examine the features all garage refrigerators should have. You better try to think about it twice before you finally decide to opt for a new garage refrigerator and know more before you actually order it.

Comparison Table Of Garage Refrigerator – By proproductspot:

Garage Refrigerator Brand Size(Capacity) Style Annual Energy Consumption Our Rating Price On Amazon
Galanz 10 Cu.Ft 2 Door 292 kwh 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
HOmeLabs 3.2 cubic feet Single Glass Door 288 KWh 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
BLACK+DECKER 1.7 cubic feet Mini Single Door 70 watts 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
Midea 1.4 cubic feet Mini Single Door 205 Kilowatt Hours Per Year 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
HOmeLabs 3.3 Cubic Feet Mini Single Door Low 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Arctic King 5 cu ft Mini Chest Low 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
RCA 3.2 Cu Ft Mini Single Door Low 4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)
E EUHOMY 3.2 Cu.Ft Mini Double Door 0.98 kwh per Day 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


Its size is a monumental feature for all the best garage refrigerator models. You get two distinct categories that are:

  • Large

That kind of refrigerators looks like the actual home ones. They can serve as auxiliary refrigerators to the ones having in your kitchen. Some people also use them to store fruits and vegetables, coming directly from their cars without entering the house first.

  • Small

A good refrigerator for garage should be small to take less space from your valuable tools and vehicles. People usually want this kind of refrigerators to store beers and drinks to share with their friends when performing barbeque on the patio.


Aesthetics are one of the most important things when it comes to buying the best garage refrigerator. The easiest design patterns to find on the market are:

  • Modern

They come in more colors and shapes than other refrigerators. They also have more automated features and can connect to the plumbing network to give you cool water when needed.

  • Classic-Retro

These could become the best fridge for garage since they can give you a retro style. Their designers take an example from the past and copy their design patterns and styles from the first fridges ever presented in the United States. 

They are good to impress others when they visit your place!


Your best garage refrigerator should have a manageable interior part. The most common are:

  • Multiple Stories

Some fridges have a multiple-story setting so that you can easily store your perishable items. In case you want to have your fruits and vegetables in a separate department, that could also be an option.

  • Single chiller area

Some fridges only have one compartment. These are good for people who want to store raw meat and fish that are variable in size.

  • Freezer Area

The last category of interior design would be the ones that have an integrated freezer compartment. These refrigerators have two different compressors (one for the freezer and one for the chiller) and are more popular in countries outside the United States.


Noise is an important feature when you pick your best garage refrigerator. Just because it’s located in the garage, it doesn’t mean it could be noisy. The major classification remains:

  • Over 40db

These are older models with a noisy motor. They may work well, but their noise can be annoying even in the garage.

  • Lower than 40db

The newest types of fridge motors are inverter technology. That means they produce sounds of less than 40db that are acceptable from the human ears and cannot wake you up.

Energy Class

Here is another important feature for your best garage refrigerator. Lately, we have seen many A+++ refrigerators that consume less than 200 kWh per year. The energy classes for fridges should be A, A+ or A++ that are globally acceptable nowadays.

Guarantee Plan

Many people would feel more secure if they find a fridge that has a longer guarantee scheme. Most renowned companies have a 3-year no-hassle guarantee plan that covers all spare parts and practically replaces your fridge if something goes wrong in this period. 

Others cover only the motor and the compressor with 10-year guarantee plans that can give you extra assurance for its best possible function.

Tips for Garage Refrigerators

Here are some useful tips for people who want to find their best garage refrigerator and order it online:

  • Compliance with electrical circuits and protective ground

You need to ensure that all your best garage refrigerator circuits and cables are well-insulated. The protective ground connection is more essential for any garage that is in direct touch with the soil.

  • Rubber Seal Inspection

Every fridge has a rubber seal around the door rim to make it close firmly. You need to check its condition at least once a semester to ensure that the rubber remains soft and closes the right way to the fridge walls. 

Some liquid silicone to use every once in a while would be a good idea to keep it soft.

  • Take it away from any direct solar exposure

Many garages have windows. That means solar rays can penetrate the garage and fall over your best garage refrigerator. That is why you need to place it away from sun exposure when you can and put it in a dark and secure place.

  • Make sure it gets defrosted at least once a year

Some garage refrigerators have non-frost technology. All the others need a yearly defrost procedure, where you may unplug it for several hours until the accumulated ice on the freezer gets melted. It can make your fridge last for many years to come.

  • Get some pest and rodent repellents

Garages are also vulnerable to rodents and pests. That is why some repellents can always give you a solution to keep them away from the fridge and all the perishable foods and beverages you keep inside. It’s a matter of hygiene and can protect your device integrity.

Galanz has been one of the best manufacturers for garage retro-style fridges in the world. 

The current model has a 10 cubic feet allowance being one of the roomiest in the market. It comes in many colors for you to choose from and match the ones you like for your garage. 

The nickel handles are always there to give you a classic style. You get two in one since you can have both a chiller and a freezer at the same price

It can fit anywhere in your garage, and you may move it easier than ever before since it weighs only 125 poundsThe device works in a 120 Volts network and is good for America and Japan. 

It also has an energy star efficiency, consuming only 282 KW per year. The freezing liquid is R600a that is more efficient and ecologic than the previous ones, which also has CFCs inside that contributed to the atmosphere’s ozone layer destruction.

Our Rating


  • You get glass shelves for ultimate style
  • The door may open in both ways
  • There are leveling legs to adjust its height and balance it
  • Users have a convenient knob to adjust the internal temperature 


  • It comes with no limited guarantee plan

Here you have one of the stylish small garage fridges for people who like to show them off to their friends. 

It has a rectangular glass door where you can stare at the beverages and foods being inside. That gives you no reason to open the door and check, making it more convenient to save energy. 

The current model has some stainless steel stories and can fit 120 beer cans in full capacity. You get an auto-defrosting cycle that you don’t even have to hassle about. It works both in 120 and 220 Volts power networks.

There is an easy rotational switch you can touch to adjust the temperature to your desired level. The fridge weighs only 65 pounds, and you may easily move it wherever you like in your garage. 

Its motor is also quiet, giving you a smooth function without the need to notice it when sleeping. Finally, the stainless steel door finish makes it impossible to rust under any external weather conditions.

Our Rating


  • The high-tempered glass gives the best possible insulation
  • Its powerful cooling system requires less energy to operate
  • It has convenient dimensions to fit anywhere in your garage
  • The item comes with a 5-year limited guarantee for all spare parts


  • It doesn’t have a sufficient color variety for demanding users

Black and Decker have finally managed to present the public with a powerful and mini-fridge for the garage. 

It measures only 1.7 cubic feet being ideal for keeping your beers and sodas cool for your friends to come. The present model comes in three color variations to match all possible garage decoration styles. 

It has a longer power cord to allow you to place it anywhere away from the power source. The motor is an inverter and consumes less energy than others in the same class. 

All customers are eligible for a one-year warranty when buying this refrigerator.

You get a convenient handle on the door to allow you to open it without putting much pressure. The rubber bands are stable and help the temperature to stay intact while the fridge is working.

Users also get some high-quality glass shelves durable enough to keep their beer cans and other perishable goods. The fridge door is also robust enough to allow you to place items there too.

Our Rating


  • It has a convenient size that fits all places
  • There is a reversible door to match your needs
  • The thermostat control is monumental 
  • You can choose the cooling temperature from an easy switch


  • There is no integrated freezer

Midea has been one of the prime Chinese industrial giants to provide any kind of electric appliance. 

The current fridge model is ideal for your garage since it has the shortest possible dimensions and can fit up to 1.4 cubic feet of perishable items inside. 

You may choose between three different cooling grades. The available colors are black, white, and stainless steel to allow you to choose the best for your garage. 

Users can always reverse the door direction and find the most convenient for their case. It has a quiet inverter motor using only R600a coolant, one of the world’s most ecological. 

Inside the fridge, you can find two quality stainless steel shelves that help you place your items even better. There is also a recessed handle that makes it easy to open the refrigerator when necessary. 

It consumes only 205 kWh per year that is among the lowest in its category.

Our Rating


  • It weighs only 39 pounds and can be easily moved
  • Made from solid plastic and metal materials for better quality
  • It has superb side insulation to keep the cooling temperature inside
  • The 1.4 cubic feet are enough for all your perishables


  • There is a need for manual defrost every year

Homelabs has made it easier for you to get the most convenient garage refrigerator of all time. 

Made from high-quality stainless steel leaves, the current model works in 110 and 220 volts power networks, making it ideal for North America and Europe. 

It can handle up to 3.3 cubic feet of perishable goods and more than 100 beer cans. The door is always reversible to allow you to find the most comfortable space for your garage. 

There are some stylish glass shelves inside that are fully removable to give you the freedom to place roomier things inside.

The thermostat knob can get adjusted to Min, Med, and Max that are the best options for any person living in the average latitude. You also get access to a powerful and noiseless motor close to the A++ category of energy consumption

This item weighs only 45 pounds, and you may carry it by yourself to any place in your garage. There is no need for a drain system since it has non-frost technology.

Our Rating


  • It comes with a 3-year warranty
  • The stainless steel door is fingerprint-free
  • You may also write on the door
  • The door also has a tremendous storage ability


  • It doesn’t come in a great color variety

Here you have the first stand-alone freezer for your garage. 

It can handle up to 5 cubic feet of frozen foods like fish, meat, and ice creams. That device can work under intense heat and provide temperatures that come close to 0F. 

It is perfect for keeping foods and drugs that need freezing temperatures, and it will consume the least amount of energy. This device also has two internal shelves to allow you to organize your freezing food inventory a lot better.

There are two different freezing functions to choose. You also have the chance for a quick-freezing up if you have perishable goods that need immediate freezing

Its black color and door insulation make it possible to retain the freezing temperatures even after hours of a power outage. The freezer is also easy to carry since it weighs less than 50 pounds.

Our Rating


  • It will never accumulate ice
  • This device has an easy-to-catch drain to remove melting water
  • The door hinges are made from stainless steel for better function
  • The Arctic King motor is more reliable than others


  • There is no money-back guarantee for this model

An all-American brand RCA has finally entered the mini-refrigerator class and created a remarkable garage fridge. 

The present series is one of the few mini-fridges with compact dimensions and can fit virtually anywhere in your garage. You may easily remove the door hinges and alter the opening direction at your convenience. 

The internal capacity can reach up to 3.2 cubic feet being one of the roomiest in its category. You get a full non-frost function to prevent ice accumulation over its walls.

The side insulation can give you better cooling temperatures containment even when the power is out. This model comes in a wide variety of colors that can easily give you a pleasant headache when it comes to making your final decision. 

Its motor is quieter than others and consumes less energy. The coolant liquid is R600a, the one that is more energy effective and less pollutant. You get a stylish garage refrigerator at a fraction of the price other models cost.

Our Rating


  • It has a professional cooling compressor
  • The reversible door makes it ideal for all garages
  • You can adjust the thermostat to your room needs
  • There are internal removable shelves for your comfort 


  • The fridge has no adjustable height legs

Finally, Euhomy has managed to create a mini-refrigerator not only suitable for your garage but any small room. 

This model features an integrated freezer that is on top and has a different door. The chiller area is larger and has two removable shelves for your own convenience. 

It can fit up to 3.2 cubic feet of perishable goods inside. You also get warned when the temperature rises, to either close the door or adjust the cooling level. 

The temperature adjustments come from the main switch that is rotational and easy to use, even for inexperienced users.

The outer layer is made from high-quality and durable stainless steel that is insulative and reflects solar rays. You may easily change the opening direction of the door to find the one that pleases you more. 

The door itself can also handle many perishable items, expanding the refrigerating capacity. Users also have access to an internal LED lighting operating when you open the door and never increasing the temperature.

Our Rating


  • It consumes less energy than other models in the same class
  • You may operate it on any continent as it works for 110 and 220V
  • The item comes with a one-year limited warranty 
  • Users can easily reach and adjust the internal thermostat


  • The freezer may need to defrost actions every once in a while


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